Manorhaven Elementary School FAQ

Q: What is the start and end time of the academic day?:

A: Students can be dropped off starting at 7:50 am. Our staggered dismissal begins at 2:25 pm with kindergarten walkers and siblings. First grade walkers and all bus students begin being dismissed at 2:30 pm. Walkers in grades 2-5 are dismissed at 2:35 pm and the car line begins at approximately 2:45 pm.

Q: What are the arrival & dismissal procedures?

A: Kindergarten walkers/ and their siblings are dismissed through the Main doors. 


Last name begins with A-J dismissed through Gym Red doors

Last name begins with K-R dismissed through Gym Yellow doors.

Last name begins with S-Z dismissed through the All Purpose Room doors.

Car line: Students will wait on the grassy area to the left of the Main doors until buses are done. Parent(s) must have a sign on the right side of the windshield with the name of the student in large letters. Students will be released after their car pulls up. Parents must always remain in their car.

If you are changing your child’s dismissal for the day, please email the classroom teacher and main office at [email protected] by 12:30pm.

Q: Who do I call if there is a bus related issue? 

A: For any bus related questions, you can contact Robin Allen, the Director of Transportation, at 516-767-5680. Link to transportation webpage.

Q: Who do I contact if my child will be late or absent? 

A: Please call (516) 767-5305 to report an absence or lateness.  

Q: Who do I contact if I need to pick my child up early from school? 

A: If you are picking up your child early from school please email the classroom teacher and main office at [email protected] .  

Q: How does my child notify me if they forget an item they need at home? How do I drop off an item that my child forgot? 

A: If a child forgets an item they need for the school day, they can come to the main office to call home for the item. If the parent is willing and able to drop off the item, they bring it to the main office and the item is given to the child.

Q: Where is the lost and found located?

A: The lost and found is located outside of the cafeteria.


Q:  Where is the visitor's entrance?

A: Morewood Oaks entrance (please ring the doorbell to the left).

Q: Who do I call if my child is having difficulty with another student? 

A: Please email/call the classroom teacher. If the incident requires further action, the classroom teacher will alert the school counselor and/or the principal.

Q: Who do I call if I have an academic concern about my child? 

A: If there is any academic concern, the parent should contact the classroom teacher or any support area teacher for the area of concern. 

Q: How do I set up a meeting with my child’s teacher(s)?

A: Click for link to faculty page

Q: What student and family support services are offered?


  1. For English Language Learners (ELLs): the ENL Department at each building provides mandated services to students needing this support.

Q: How do I access the school calendar of events? 

A: On the Port Washington website there are the events for the school year listed for every school.  

Q: How do I access the district calendar of events?

A: Please go to www.portnet.org.

Q: What clubs/ activities are offered to students? 


  • Mosaic Project-3rd grade during the school day
  • Language Buddies: Peer-to-Peer ENL Support-by recommendation during school
  • School Scrabble Club-Upper grades after school 
  • Manorhaven Early Birds-by recommendation before school
  • Manorhaven Chess Club-Upper grades after school
  • Manorhaven STEM Club-Upper grades before school
  • Expressive Elocution-3rd grade during the school day
  • Manorhaven Lanes - Cosmic Bowling-available to all during the school day
  • PEP Robotics Whole Class Enrichment Unit-available to all during the school day 
  • Homework Club-by recommendation Grades 2-5
  • Math Games-K and 1-by recommendation

  1. For English Language Learners (ELLs): each year, the ENL Department offers supplemental programs to support students in their academic and linguistics growth. Teachers will be in contact with ELL parents when these supplemental programs become available.

Q: How do I prepay for meals and find lunch menus?

A: Link to myschoolbucks.com on the Food Service website. Scroll to bottom and follow directions “Get Started Today.” 

Please go to the Link  for Free & Reduced Lunch Information & Forms.

Click here for link to lunch menu

Q: Who do I contact if my child is having trouble with their district issued iPad/ chromebook? 

A: Contact your child's teacher.

Q: Where do I get my login information for ASPEN (Parent/ Student Portal)? 

A: Call the main office at (516) 767-5305.

Q: How do I change contact information?

  • Click here for Central Registration Forms to change your ADDRESS

Q: How do I get help with the processes mentioned if I speak limited English?

  • Schools are equipped to provide translation/interpretation support by using a phone interpreter who can help you communicate with any staff member of the school community. You can ask the school to provide you with interpretation support in your home language at any time.
Q: What is the district's grading and homework policy?
A: To view the district's Grading and Homework policies, please click below: